Mother’s Day Muffins

Thank you to my loving husband and father of my children, for making me Mother’s Day Muffins. And for letting me sleep until 8:15 (today was one of those mornings when your eyes open, you hear your 15-month-old crying and think Man I’ve gotta get out of bed, and then you automatically drift back into a deep sleep, only to wake up an hour later and repeat the process). I have a fuzzy memory in there of opening my eyes to see Ada right in my face, asking, “Mommy, Daddy wants to know if he can make the different blueberry muffins!?!” and me just mumbling something about sure, whatever.

When I finally did drag myself from the bed, Tim had indeed made muffins — my favorite muffin recipe, as a matter of fact (I’m still not sure what Ada’s question was about). It’s from Christopher Kimball’s The Yellow Farmhouse Cookbook, a fabulous country-cooking (not Southern, mind you) resource. These muffins are sturdy, not-too-sweet, well-rising, and not overly-complicated (I appreciate this deeply when making breakfast).

We are a blueberry-muffin family — we experiment on occasion, but always end up back with the blueberries. I use frozen ones when baking, and try to get wild frozen ones when I can. Earth Fare was selling a brand called Wyman’s that wasn’t too expensive, but I haven’t seen them there lately. The muffins this morning were made with Dole Wild Blueberries that I found at Super Walmart. The bag was $9, but it’s about 3 pounds and has lasted a good, long time. I also like to use at least half whole-wheat flour (more if the recipe responds well) in muffins — makes them more filling and a bit healthier, plus gives a more complex wheaty flavor. Tim wasn’t sure about the whole wheat addition in this recipe, so he used all white, and they were buttery and delicious.

Oh, and an addendum to yesterday’s post: we changed our Bacchanalia reservations to Friday night, since we are going to Atlanta anyway for the Bright Eyes / Gillian Welch show at the Fox(!). What a night that it will be! I might explode from the sensory feast.

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