Pineapple-walnut burritos

We had friends in from out-of-town for dinner last night, and the suggestion for the meal was Pineapple-Walnut Burritos. I started making these a few years ago — the concept was stolen from Lula, and while I have no idea how close they are to the original — my memory fails me — they are, as they say, a “crowd-pleaser.” People are usually a bit suspicious, but in the end believers. Here’s how they work:

They are a regular burrito, as in, a filled flour tortilla. The fillings include, generally in this order:

  • cooked white rice (make sure it’s seasoned with salt)
  • something green — last night we used roasted asparagus, and if it’s in season, it’s the winner. you can roast asparagus in a shallow roasting pan at 500º for 8-10 minutes. drizzle with a little olive oil first, and season it after it’s done. if you need more details, it’s straight from the Joy of Cooking. you can also use fresh spinach, steamed green beans, etc.
  • sautéed tofu (we use Grit-style tofu, described in their cookbook)
  • pineapple salsa (I’ll give the recipe later, but if you have the Moosewood cookbook, that’s the recipe I use)
  • toasted walnuts (I do them in the toaster oven, the same setting as toast)
  • shredded monterey jack (the original Lula recipe used manchego, a wonderfully delicious spanish cheese. but manchego is a luxury, a bit expensive. so we most often use mj.

So you put all the fillings in the burrito — don’t get too filling-happy, or it won’t close up — and roll it up. Put them seam-side-down in a casserole dish, sprinkle with a little more cheese, and bake in a 400º oven for about 10-15 minutes, just long enough to melt and maybe brown the cheese and to make sure they’re heated through. We ate them with sour cream and chopped scallions to top.

Now last night, Taffy made mojitas to accompany. Great choice, or just drink your favorite south-of-the-border, lime-infused beer (she provided that for us, too — thanks Taff!).


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