One of the things I like about living in Athens, yet rarely take advantage of, is living minutes away from rural farmland. Yesterday morning, our friends Greg and Whitney suggested we take the kids and go pick strawberries at a local farm. I did this once several years ago, but it’s the type of thing I’ll forget about until, say, August, when strawberries are long past their southern prime. It’s also the very thing that I usually need someone else to suggest, since these days my mind is locked primarily on getting through each day accomplishing at least two things on my never-ending list of domestic duties, and those two things usually require every ounce of mental power I possess.

But look at these berries!!! Yes, they really are that red. And they are smaller, but much sweeter than the last time we picked them. We got a gallon bucket for eight bucks, and after the kids learned how to not pick every white or salmon-colored berry they saw, they actually became quite helpful at filling it.

So, my question is: what in the name of all that’s berry am I supposed to do with a gallon of strawberries? Greg and Whitney froze some of theirs, which I think is a grand idea, but I still want to best utilize a good many of them in their fresh, perfectly-ripe state. What do you do with sweet, ripe, freshly-picked strawberries? Don’t be shy — I want to hear from all three of you.

4 thoughts on “Strawberries!

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