How to use a gallon of strawberries, part 2: make freezer jam

Yesterday morning I thumbed through The Yellow Farmhouse Cookbook, remembering a brief section covering jams and jellies (thanks for underscoring the idea, Amy). I found the simplest recipe for freezer jam — it’s a no-cook fruit jam that doesn’t require pressure canning, but does require freezing until you’re ready to use it:

  • 4 cups prepared fruit
  • 2 cups sugar (wow)
  • 2 Tbs lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup water
  • one package pectin

This was ridiculously easy — the hardest parts were stemming and chopping the strawberries, and boiling my adorable new squatty Ball jars. Now, the recipe warned that freezer jam isn’t quite as thick as regular canned jam, but from the looks of what’s currently inside these jars (they were supposed to sit at room temp for 24 hours before freezing), it’s more the consistency of strawberry sauce. Which is fine, I’m up for topping some ice cream, but does anyone know how to make it set more firmly?

In an unrelated incident, we found out this morning that tomorrow will be Ada’s MMO (Mother’s Morning Out) teacher’s last day, so we were thinking we should send her a little gift. In a rare moment of planning clarity, I decided that this need could be fulfilled by a squatty jar of strawberry freezer jam/sauce. I’ve never felt so domestic in my life. Next thing you know, I’ll be wearing dresses to vacuum and having a cocktail ready for Tim when he walks in the door.

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