Chocolate makes it all better

It’s been a particularly frustrating day today, and I was having a nice little pity party for myself while running into the grocery to buy the can of stewed tomatoes that I need to make tonight’s spaghetti sauce. Why can I not manage to get everything I need during my big grocery trip each Monday? (Yes, this was but one small source of my overall grumpiness, purely of my own doing — but I’m beginning to wonder if some larger law of grocery dynamics is at play here, with my shocking ability to forget at least 2-3 needed items every single week, causing multiple unnecessary trips to the store, which drives the efficiency-obsessed part of me absolutely batty.)

It just so happens that at our grocery store, the candy aisle is next to the canned vegetable aisle. A bit ironic, yes, but today quite convenient. On the way to the canned tomatoes, my eyes landed on some chocolate bars that were sporting the bright yellow sale sign underneath. So in my current state of mind I couldn’t resist purchasing the Hershey’s Cacao Reserve 65% Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs. And I wasn’t expecting much, because it’s Hersheys, and they just do kisses and such, right? But friends, this is a good bar of dark chocolate. Smooth, round flavors, with the fabulous crunch of the bean nibs. If, on the way home, I could have been hooked up to a mood-o-meter, the little needle would have visibly moved from the red zone to the nice, happy shade of sky blue.

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