For a variety of reasons, I haven’t been cooking much. Or, not much that’s worth sharing (unless you count the JOC Chicken and Rice Casserole I made yesterday — an ultimate comfort food — and just shared with my friend Melissa for lunch).

Needless to say, a lack of interesting food activity in our household makes writing a bit difficult. So I thought I’d cheat a little, and steal a link from another food blogger, one that caught my interest a great deal this morning. It’s a recipe published in the NYT, for a dessert — a Cornbread Cake, adapted from a restaurant in Portland. How interesting can that be? Well, the third ingredient on the list is 3 ounces of bacon.

I know — that’s just what I was thinking.

I can’t wait to make this. A cornbread cake, with apricots and bacon. And you serve it with a dollop of maple ice cream. Sounds like the kind of thing I’d eat at 5&10, and not be able to stop talking about.

I hope to have some posts in the coming weeks that illustrate a different perspective on food. But I might also continue to swipe glances at other blogger’s fodder, just so you know.

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