If you’ve spent much time at all reading this blog, you might have noticed my weakness for cherries. Primarily tart cherries, served up dried, in pies, or in a newly-discovered fruit conserve. (note: I have searched for the difference between a conserve and preserves, but came up with somewhat contradictory results. One source claimed that a conserve is made with more than one fruit, and is used more like a chutney. Another claims that the word is simply an alternate name for jam. I like the first definition better, although my cherry conserve only contains cherries, and yet is still labeled as a conserve. Any ideas out there?)

I’ve lusted for seen this brand of organic fruit spreads at the grocery before, but couldn’t justify the doubled price tag over my regular brand of jam. But today, the jars had that lovely, magical, bright-yellow tag underneath, happily reading “buy one, get one free.” So I splurged.

PEOPLE. This stuff is good. The fruit flavor is fresh and intense, and it’s not too sweet; in fact, less so than any jam I’ve had (though still plenty sweet enough to top your toast). And if cherries just don’t do it for you, they have a crop of other varieties. I bought mine in the health-food section of Kroger, so it can’t be that hard to find. After the kids went down for their naps (I’m gonna be stingy with this one), I toasted a leftover pancake from yesterday morning, and spread a healthy layer on top. Happy times ensued.

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