Father’s Day french toast

I had these grand plans. Had sticky buns on the brain, and wanted to make them for Tim on Sunday (because, you know, Father’s Day is all about him and all, and if I wanted sticky buns, surely he did, too). But this thought didn’t occur to me early enough to make the classic, brioche-based recipe from The Bread Bible (you need to start Rose’s process about 3 days out), something I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time now. It was Saturday afternoon, and I pulled out another recipe, not for classic sticky buns, but for cinnamon rolls. Same general idea, just maybe a little less sticky. But even that plan, when laid out, fell through. The night got away from me (and getting up at 4am was simply not an option, no matter how great a father he is).

And if you think that my lack of willingness to sacrifice precious sleep is a bit sad for my husband, it gets worse. Due to a few circumstances beyond our control, I found myself sending my husband to the grocery store on Saturday night, with the primary purpose being to purchase the very ingredients I would be using to make his celebratory breakfast. I guess it wasn’t enough that he had to actually tell me exactly what he wanted me to buy him as a gift. A surprise? On Father’s Day? I can only hope to return to that ability, in a bright, shining, post-childbearing future.

But the silver lining in all of this is that it was a really good breakfast. An upside of Tim doing the shopping was that he got to pick out his own bread, and he interestingly brought home a lovely multigrain hearth loaf (a far cry from the white, egg-y brioche that inspired the whole breakfast idea). I relied on our tried-and-true french toast recipe, from The Joy of Cooking, and it once again did us right. Not too sweet, and endlessly modifiable. Some quickly-thawed frozen blueberries (my favorites, Wyman’s wild) and Grade B Maple Syrup from Trader Joe’s made just the right toppings. And you can’t forget the bacon or sausage on the side, to provide salty contrast.

A breakfast so good, it overshadowed the Father’s Day Ice Cream, made later that day (a scoop each of mango sorbet and toasted coconut ice cream, straight from the pages of The Perfect Scoop). Maybe someday I’ll write about it, because it’s already gone, and we’re sure to make the combination again.

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