Done right

Can’t you just taste it right now? I know I said I’d get a latté, but I was feeling a bit frothy.

Please, for the love of all that is buttery and flaky: If you find yourself in Chattanooga, pay a visit to Niedlov’s. It is artisan bread and pastry done with love and pride. It’s the best ingredients, with real hands doing much of the work. It’s not a chain; not a machine (though they do have some of those). It’s just some folks who loved bread, and decided to do it well.

They occupy a renovated warehouse storefront near Main Street, downtown. The aromas of old wood floors, coffee, and freshly-baked everything will warm you to your core when you walk in the doors. Take for yourself a chocolate croissant, a cinnamon roll, or a whole wheat blueberry muffin. Better yet, don’t fuss over decision-making; just take all three (or a baker’s dozen, one of everything) — you can eat them over the course of the day (ours didn’t make it out the door). It’s good, old-fashioned carbs, back when those things were innocent, and actually considered part of a normal diet. Because they are, when eaten sensibly.

The people are friendly, and if they aren’t swamped, are happy to talk about bread. Doesn’t everyone want to do that?

How I miss having a good bakery in Athens.

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