Happy Saturday

I’ve mentioned before that we, meaning Tim and I, don’t really pay much attention to the holiday typically celebrated on February 14. But when you have children, pink and red construction paper hearts are inevitable, and are in fact welcome. We assembled Disney Princess cards (it’s somewhat futile, fighting the princess thing, but dammit if we don’t try) for the school party, and opened cards from grandparents. Our favorite activity, though was decorating cookies at a party for that purpose, masterminded by our friend Caroline (and thanks to Kelly for documenting the event). No, they aren’t quite material for next year’s Martha Stewart Living February cover, but don’t they look delicious all the same? And they are; made from scratch from a Charleston family recipe used yearly for the same event. I’ve eaten one already, and it’s not even 9:30 am.

We all brought home plates to give away, to neighbors or other worthy souls (and who’s not?). At least, that was the intention. We’ll see if they make it that long.

It’s hard to be cynical when cute little hands did a lot of the work (although grownup hands did more). What? Do I hear drips of water melting from my ice-cold heart? That’s what homemade sugar cookies will do.

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