It’s like butter

pastured butter

I don’t really mean that to be entirely tongue-in-cheek; it’s more butter-like than butter. Kind of like pastured eggs being more egg-like than supermarket ones.

Still nursing a Pollan-high after reading In Defense of Food, I saw this at Earth Fare a few weeks ago. Eager to get my omega-3s from a naturally-occurring source, I splurged, and for about $5, brought home a half-pound of pastured butter. The package says it’s seasonal — available only May-September. Not exactly sure why; although I like to imagine the cows wintering in some far-away tropical destination, I think it has more to do with the grass, when they eat it, how it effects their milk, and so on and so forth. For butter this expensive, I’m not using it to bake chocolate-chip cookies; no, this butter is only for spreading.

It’s better. Exquisite, even. Dessert can consist of a good piece of bread, toasted, slathered with this stuff, and maybe topped with a little honey. Quite the treat.

And yes, I know that it doesn’t have to come from a mega-farm (that being Organic Valley); but so far I haven’t seen butter available from my Athens Locally Grown dairy farmers. C’mon guys — step up!

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