A Technicolor Monarch Butterfly Cake?

Somewhere along the way, I decided it was a good idea to let my daughter choose her birthday cake. She has pretty good taste, I think, so I’ve never feared baking a bubblegum cake or something similarly horrific. Last year, sometime before her 5th birthday, she and I ate lunch one day at The Grit, and she saw in the dessert case a “Barbie’s Chocolate Dream Cake.” It was imprinted on her mind; that was her request come birthday-party time. She remembered it in vivid detail; much more so than I. When it came time to create Barbie’s/Ada’s Dream (can I mention here that this occurred a mere two weeks after delivering my third child?) I went totally on her memorized description, so I have no idea if this was anywhere near the original inspirational confection:


Now, look. I’ve never claimed to be good with a piping bag. It tasted good, even if my ribbons got a little wonky (and you’re looking at the good side of the cake).

This year, my almost-six-year-old has come up with a new idea. I will be making, over the next 48 hours, the following:

A yellow layer cake, with orange buttercream frosting (this much, I like; I actually gave her the choice of orange or chocolate buttercream, and she chose orange). As for the decor, the cake is to have “a rainbow butterfly, wearing a tiara.” More ribbons are to adorn the side of the cake (as in Barbie’s Dream, above). She made it very clear that the butterfly is to have rainbow-colored wings; it’s not supposed to be a butterfly with rainbows scattered ’round.

Right. Sounds a little like something we should be eating while watching The Wizard of Oz and listening to Pink Floyd, but sure, I’ll do it.

You guys.

Don’t worry — I’ll take a picture.

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