Remember my last post, when I confessed to dumping over two containers of blood-red food coloring into the frosting for my son’s birthday cake? Why do I feel it there is some cosmic connection between that event and the fact that I and my daughter were both wracked with gut-wrenching nausea, fever, and chills for the past 24 hours?

I, being the slightly paranoid person that I am, probably would think there was some kind of true causal relationship. Except for the fact that two other members of our family also had 24-hour periods of puke-and-malaise within the past week. So we came by it honestly — though I confess to wishing I could blame FD&C Red 40.

I currently sit in my bed while typing, where I’ve been for almost a day, still wearing the clothes I had on yesterday when I stuck my 4-year old in front of the tube and called my husband home for emergency backup. I have posts in draft form, waiting to be cleaned up or finished, but not the clarity of thought to complete them — not to mention the fact that the last thing I want to be doing is thinking/writing about food. Uggh — just typing the word made my stomach turn.

Supposedly this passes quickly — meaning I hope I can get it together enough to post a true food-related article very soon. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with two things: a link to today’s Food Renegade post — which is totally scary in its similarity to my next post-in-draft; and a picture of the Fire Engine cake. Proof that it wasn’t pink.

See you on the flipside of ickville.


*Disclaimers: No Feingold children were served this cake. After necessary photo-ops, candle-blowing and beholding, the icing was scraped off for those who didn’t choose to partake of a known carcinogen. The candies are from Yummy Earth, a company I love because they make the only hard candy my son can eat, and are living proof that “organic candy” is not, in fact, an oxymoron.
And, yes, the fire engine has a noticeable forward lean. I prefer to think of it as “aggressive.”

3 thoughts on “Coincidence?

  1. Dad, we’re already much better — thanks.
    I wish the lean were from a wide-angle — because then it wouldn’t be from my poor icing skills (did I mention I was still icing the cake when guests were arriving?) — AND, I would own a wide-angle lens.

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