My new kitchen tool crush

Remember my recent moratorium on purchasing more gadgets? And how I even considered getting rid of some?

Yeah, well, nevermind.

On Tuesday, I came home with almost four quarts of sour cherries. I had them in a large container, and unfortunately let them sit out on the counter for quite a few hours before deciding they should probably be in the refrigerator. It wasn’t until Wednesday, as I enthusiastically shared my cherry-picking adventure with yet another captive listener, that I pulled the evidence out of the frig, only to notice pockets of mold in the cherries.

What is it, with me and mold?

In emergency mode, on a routine trip to Target, I wrestled one of those be-damned tanks-of-a-shopping-cart known to my kids as a “car cart” down the kitchen aisles in an assumed-vain search for a cherry pitter. My eyes miraculously landed on the one pictured above (photo stolen from Amazon) — OXO comes through again (and no they don’t — but I wish they would — sponsor me). It was $10 — that’s two bucks cheaper than Amazon — which felt like a bit of a splurge. But I figured I could always return it if it didn’t make the task I was facing a good bit easier.

It was a champion of pitting — a stallion of stoning. Pushed those little seeds right out, with only the occasional seed getting hung up on some fruit. After painstakingly removing the molded cherries (I lost over 1/4 of them), I pitted the rest in about half an hour. And in those thirty minutes, I continuously marveled at the ingeniousness of a cherry stoner. Seriously — every time I pitted, I thought This is so cool (load another cherry) This is so cool (repeat a few hundred times).

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: it doesn’t take much.

And since it handily pits olives as well, I can defend its place in (one of my) my utensil drawer(s) by claiming it has multiple uses.

13 thoughts on “My new kitchen tool crush

  1. I am so getting one. (And am also racing to the fridge to check my quart-bag of cherries from Tuesday for mold. Eek!) My cherries are sweet, and are going in a vanilla tea-cake for Saturday dessert . . . if they haven’t yet succumbed to the mold.

    On note of “This is so cool”: I think that every time I use my immersion blender in soup. It really is the little things in life. Really. I never think things like that about, say, the oven. Or even the KitchenAid stand mixer. But $30 or less, and I tend to think it’s the most amazing thing ever invented.

    1. oh, don’t get me started on the immersion blender. I, too, don’t know what I’d do without one.

      And, in case you’re not able to immediately check your cherries: I think sour cherries are much more fragile than sweet. So you’re probably fine, esp. if you didn’t biff it like me and leave them on the counter all day.

      1. You were right about the sour v. sweet. I had actually left them on the counter for two days before fridge, and at five days post-picking (day o’ tea cake baking), 2/3rds (probably more, actually) were still salvageable. And no mold yet, just some icky squidgyness starting.

        The immersion blender: every time I use it, I call someone (usually Carrie Allen) and inform that person she must purchase one.

  2. Wow! I apparently need an immersion blender. Didn’t even know they exist. I do know the pains of food-processing my soups in batches, though.

    Saw a snippet in a magazine about another gadget I thought you might like–an asparagus steamer. Steams the asparagus upright. I tore out the snippet to give you next time I see you.

    Oh, and thanks so much for the heads up–Toby and I are going to Recess tonight for veg night! A belated 5th Anniversary dinner for us!

    1. Jennifer — can’t wait to hear how it was!!

      The immersion blender is fantastic — it will change your soup-making life. And you can get one for about $20.

  3. You mentioned olives… I swear I think I found two in our backyard yesterday. We could not, however, find the tree they might have come from. So unless someone ordered an apocolypse of Bloody Mary proportions, I have an olive tree. Now I just have to find it.

    You got a recipe for lemonade using stevia leaves instead of sugar? I can’t find one…

    Oh, and I am back in the world of “people with actual computers who don’t have to use their troll thumbs to check everything on their iPhone” so I should be checking in more often. I love the blog. I can hear your voice when I read it. Wow, that sounded inexplicably cheesy. Don’t make fun of me. (You either, Amy).

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