The sweetest squash

Petite zeppelin delicata,
stretching your stripes
like the airship
of your calling

In the company of cousins butternut
acorn and pumpkin
you never raise your voice,
(though your words are clear and to the point)

And underneath that unassuming sternness
is a sweetness that can,
fill a dinner plate with the whole of autumn.

6 thoughts on “The sweetest squash

  1. Lovely, Katy. I have always been scared of them, like a striped-y snake, but no more. Could I substitute them for butternut in a soup?

    1. Taff, you can. You’ll just need to buy a few of them (4?), since they don’t have nearly the flesh-to-seed ratio of the butternut. The smaller the squash, in my experience, the sweeter.

      And not at all snake-like ; )

  2. Katy, thinking about squash this morning and wondered if you have a good recipe for butternut squash soup. In-laws are coming in town and thought it would make a good Sunday lunch. If you have one you love, please e-mail it to me. Hope you are enjoying FALL.

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