Asking forgiveness

We are currently in Mississippi, visiting family and friends. It’s the weekend of my 20-year high school reunion; and while for a variety of reasons I won’t be attending the main event, I did crash the first part of it last night (a football tailgate), and hung out with a couple of girlfriends afterward.

I was informed that, at one point after college, I tried to encourage a friend of mine to drink beer (rather than a mixed drink, maybe?) because she needed to “embrace the cheapness of it.” She swears that beer in question was Bud Light. I have to believe her, if for no other reason she probably has a much better memory that I do (perhaps this is one I repressed?).

On a weekend when the memories of 20+ years ago are discussed at will — recalled with glee, giggles, eye-rolling, forehead-grasping, and head-shaking — this is the standout memory that haunts.

For as she told me this, we sat at a table in an Irish pub; I had a Guinness in my glass, and she had water.

I think I ruined beer for her.

2 thoughts on “Asking forgiveness

  1. In your defense, Bud Light was probably a sophisticated choice in the Starkville of the early 90’s. A beer snob back then and there was someone who drank Killian’s Red while insisting it was imported.

    1. Problem was, we were in Jackson. Which, after last week, I now realize is not a craft-beer-savvy city, and most certainly was even less so 15 years ago.

      But still. There were all sorts of things better than BL to drink. I don’t even remember drinking it, myself. Maybe I was more trying to convince myself to embrace the cheapness? Because I’m nothing if not cheap.

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