It’s reno time

This weekend, Tim pulled a few kitchen cabinets off our wall.

In an unrelated incident, I began the painstaking task of moving my blog to a new host.

These things have nothing to do with each other, short of the fact that both can result in my looking down to find I have two white-knuckled fists full of my own hair, not exactly knowing how it got there.

The kitchen, well, remember my whole obsession with the fact that I don’t have a kitchen window over my sink? But that a window should be there, because a previous owner closed it up? We are righting a wrong, by undertaking a small renovation — pulling down some cabinets, installing a window, building some shelves, tiling a backsplash, and replacing a portion of our countertops with butcherblock. All in all, it’s not a very expensive or even complicated project, but will take many weeks to complete, since Tim will do all the work and still has a full-time job (how selfish can he be, providing for his family in that insistent way of his?).

While I can’t say that my blog needs a new window (because it is a window, metaphorically, or at least it used to be, but now we’ve moved beyond the metaphor as interface, or something? or perhaps it’s a window into my blackened soul?), it does need a facelift. Maybe a shot of botox, or at very least a chemical peel. I’ve grown quite weary of a design that I never really loved, but used because I could make it work; and since I was already going to be in there, it seemed a good time to change the name.

So if you happen upon the site in the next few days, and things seem odd, you can rest assured that I’ll be somewhere, in front of my computer, cursing silently at inanimate objects while actively pursuing friendships with every tech support guru at my new hosting company.

And if all ultimately goes well, I’ll have a fresh new look for you in just a few days (the address will remain the same, even though the name will change).

If only my kitchen could operate on the same schedule.

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