Take your coat off, and stay a while

So here we are, in my newly-renovated home. I’ll still be vacuuming construction dust for a few weeks (months?) and might continue to rearrange some of my knick-knacks and wall hangings. But today you get the gist of it. The tour:

First things first: I changed the name. Thought for Food, for me, had worn out its welcome.

  • As clever and unique as I thought the name was, way back in 2007, several other food bloggers came up with the exact same idea (not to mention Stephen Colbert, who ripped us all of by using it as a segment on The Colbert Report — I mean, come on, get an original idea, already!).
  • Even worse was the fact that I would never be able to own the URL thoughtforfood.com because it was bought by someone years ago, and that someone would probably want to sell it to me for about $10,000. So when a person would ask me what my blog was called, I had to go into this inane explanation of the fact that it’s called Thought for Food, but that’s not the url, the url is my name, katymcarter, and that’s spelled with a “Y”, and so on, and so forth, until I just didn’t want to tell anyone what my blog was called, ever.
  • Last year, I changed my twitter handle to @katyshecooks. Since that’s how many new readers find me, and since it’s a fairly accurate and complete description of what I do, it made sense to fit the blog to that profile. As an added bonus, the URL katyshecooks.com was available, and I snatched it up (it should eventually forward to this address). Take that, URL hoarders.

There were a few other considerations as well — the site needed some changes to be logistically easier to manage. You shouldn’t care about this at all — but it’s been a long time coming, on my end. Lastly, l was bored with the design; it needed to be cleaned up a bit, get that facelift I mentioned. Hopefully you will find it comfortable, and to your liking.

Are you too warm? Too cold? Can I get you a drink?

The best part about all of this change? When it’s finally done (I’m sure I’ll be fixing broken links and 404 errors for the next few weeks), I can get back to things I actually enjoy — things like cooking new things, and writing about it.

Not to mention giving you the play-by-play on our kitchen project,* which is now fully underway:

* No, I won’t really put you through this (save this one photo). While misery does love company, even I know that the best part of a kitchen redo is the “after” shot. The process, most folks can do without.

15 thoughts on “Take your coat off, and stay a while

  1. love the new look! I’m about to take you international, by the way, and start forwarding your address to my new mommy friends here 🙂

  2. I peeked in this morning to see if you were making some hot crossed buns that were friendly to the non-egg, non-milk eating bunch and I was distracted by the window. Awesome! And the blog reno, too. Cool! You’re a busy woman. Now back to perusing. 😉

    1. Oh, Nancy — I should totally do that sometime! I’ve never even made regular hot-cross buns, though, so it might take some ground work.

      I have been a busy woman — though finishing the blog design (I started it in January) has taken a huge load off. The kitchen project will be in-progress for (hopefully) 4-6 more weeks. The main inconvenience is perpetual sawdust (even in small amounts, it’s so annoying), and a lack of cabinet space. My bread board is piled high with our dinner dishes.

      Hope you guys had a wonderful Easter!

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