Child labor

Our first time strawberry-pickin’ in Indiana. At first I balked at the price — $1.95/pound — thinking it was double what we paid in Georgia. But after we picked about 6 quarts and weighed in, it was $11, which is probably very close to what I paid in the South.

I think we’ll head back next week. I hear jelly jars calling my name, and am anxious to try the new-fangled low-sugar pectins. Anyone used them with success?

There were probably 50 toddlers and preschoolers in those green rows this morning. Judging from the actions of my own children, I couldn’t help wonder how much profit ended up in little fat bellies. Perhaps they should consider weighing our children, as well as our containers, when we enter the farm.

As I heard multiple maternal mouths repeating the words “RED berries, pick RED ones,” I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic over what will probably be my last year of fighting toddler color-blindness. What’s more adorable than a 2-year old’s pucker after biting into a white berry?

15 thoughts on “Child labor

  1. So, will you make freezer jam or the kind you cook and water bath can? I need details. I wanted to make jam but I just froze mine. I chickened out.

    1. I might just freeze it. No real reason why not — we have plenty of space, and I’ll probably only make 6 pints. I only like to get out the canner if I have a lot to can, or no other option for storage.

  2. That looks like so much fun. I would love to take my kids strawberry picking. Of course the older one will have already figured out its work and not fun. Oh well. I think I hear your strawberry preserves calling my name, too! πŸ™‚

  3. You know, one of these days you’ll need to take them to Picayune and see if you can find some blueberry bushes or, if those aren’t ripened yet, some yards full of pecans. Then they can experience what it was like when Mom and Aunt Amy were were the child labor.

    Oh, then refuse to let them play in the bamboo thicket because there might be snakes back there — and watch a lifetime fear be born.

      1. Our torture was butter beans. We had to pick them in the 100 degree heat and then shell them until our fingers turned green. My kids have it so easy. πŸ™‚ They were so good, though, especially over rice.

    1. What??? I don’t know what you’re talking about. That girl just looks a lot like my eldest, who happened to also have a dentist appointment that day.

  4. I almost didnt go this year because last year was so miserable with two kids in the rows and one strapped to my back in 95 degree weather. But I decided to try again and we had a really really lovely time! Kept E in the stroller and just kept feeding him…HAPPY! Promised the other two ice cream afterward…happy! Went on a cooler day….happy! Now, if there is another cooler day soon, and I can afford the gas, we might just go again!

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