Carnie for a day, via Instagram

I worked at an Elephant Ear concession at the Indiana State Fair this week. A story is in the works, but until then, a visual documentation, replete with gratuitous Instagram filters:

Nowhere near my booth. But it's the ferris wheel.


Like a beacon, it calls to me. Come, fry some dough.


Blur filters utilized to protect my family.




An ear in the making.


Sorta like pizza. Only sweeter.


Some ears are drizzled in butter, but powdered sugar icing is where it's at.


And, of course. The cinnamon-sugar.


More for the old than the young.


A line of concessions, after dark, from the door of the trailer.


Last one out hit the lights.


5 thoughts on “Carnie for a day, via Instagram

  1. While I can appreciate trade secrets, can you at least fill in me on whether the batter is vegan? I had a friend swear it was once, and I’d love me some ears!

    1. Not vegan, Jen. At least, not the ones at my concession. And I would venture that most concession recipes, if handmade, include milk powder (but no butter).

      I saw a few homemade recipes online, they called for milk instead of the powder, you could just sub coconut milk?

  2. I am having a hard time picturing you as a “carnie.” 🙂 That said I could sure go for one of those elephant ears right now.

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