Tea strainer **giveaway**

I’ve hosted a grand total of 2 giveaways on this little blog.

The first was eons ago, I fell in love with a milk frother, so much so, that I bought one on Amazon to give away (how’re you liking it, Rebecca?). This was long before I had a single PR pitch in my inbox, before anyone offered me anything at all to review, ever. It was simply an obsession that I wanted to share, and it felt good to do it.

And it’s not like I’m getting showered in freebies now — but occasionally I do get an offer for a product or book to review, and such is the situation that led to my second giveaway. I wrote an honest review about a book I was really excited about, and a lucky reader got a copy.

But — I’ll admit it — the whole process just felt a little weird to me. I felt pressure to write a positive review — and even though no one asked me or directly influenced me to do that, I felt it just the same.*

So I’ve decided that, for the time being, I’m no longer doing those. But what I can & will do is find random cheap stuff that I can buy, and give it away to whomever might be interested.

Case in point: today’s tea strainer. The source? My favorite Fall-Off-The-Truck Store, Angelo’s. I paid $4 for it. No, I am not PioneerWoman (but how I love her in all her unmatched hilarity), and will not be giving away Kitchenaid mixers or trips to my ranch (you did know I had a ranch, didn’t you? I just like to keep it all to my lonesome is all). But, on the bright side, you probably have a 1-in-15-ish chance of winning my $4 discount tea strainer, versus a chance somewhat equal to getting struck by lightening whilst finding a needle in The World’s Largest Haystack (I believe that’s somewhere in rural Ohio, by the way).

Come on. You know you want to win, even if it’s just a little tiny something. Don’t you.

I love this strainer. How completely adorable is it? (though, admittedly, not this adorable). And, true to its word, the tea leaves stay in the stainless basket. It even comes with a little stand to catch the drippings after steeping. It likely cost way more than $4 on its original shelf. Probably even, like, $10. And it kind of looks like a witch’s hat, which is seasonally appropriate.

Who knows. Maybe I’ll start giving away items I dig out of the bin at Goodwill. That’s the underwhelming reach of my generosity. And pocketbook.

To Enter this Mind-Boggling Giveaway:

1) leave a comment, telling me what you would buy if you had $4 burning a hole in your pocket.

2) for a second entry, follow me on twitter, and tweet the following: “I just entered an amazing FOUR DOLLAR GIVEAWAY from @katyshecooks [insert link to this post]!!!!” If you want the tweet to count as an entry, you must leave a comment here w/ a link, or else I’ll never know. I’m just not that organized.

3) can’t think of another way to self-promote at the expense of your energy. So, just review numbers 1 & 2.

A winner will be selected, at random, via random.org, randomly, at 9pm (or maybe 10? whenever I remember to do it) on Sunday, October 16. Winner will be notified by email sometime in the early days of next week.

Also, no choice on color. All they had was yellow.


* This is totally my issue. Many, many bloggers do giveaways with honesty and generosity and without having to spend their own money at junk stores. You should definitely be reading their blogs, not mine.

** Congrats to OrdinarySarah, who’s lifelong dream was realized the day I told her she won the strainer. Ok, maybe not lifelong dream… but apparently she did dream that she was at my house, asking about the strainer, the day before she won it. This did not in any way influence the contest, unless random.org is able to be controlled by the dreams of pregnant women. Thanks to all of you who confessed your love of $4 coffee drinks, I’m right there with ya.

33 thoughts on “Tea strainer **giveaway**

  1. If I had $4 I would probably buy a bag (or two) swedish fish with it because I’m at my desk starving and swedish fish are an impulse purchase.

    1. I will follow ; )
      Ok, did YOU win the milk frother? I know it was someone I know. But apparently, not Rebecca…

  2. crunchy cheetos . . . or bugles . . . i think anyway . . . but then again maybe an ice cream or gelato from Goose The Market . . . although i’m not sure if it costs more than $4 . . .

  3. Hmmm, $4 … I would probably go to the Sale aisle in the Baby section at Target and find something that my 17 week old grandson just can’t live without! If we had an Angelo’s here, I might just buy this amazing infuser! 🙂

  4. Katy, you know, I did not win that milk frother! I don’t mind. It probably went to a much better home that uses it more often than I would have. But my home would treat this tea strainer really, really well.

    $4? Hmm. A scone and a cup of coffee. Yes. That’s it.

  5. Any $ that makes it in my pocket is always burning to be spent at an Op shop! I have a love affair with glass, so I would skip down to the thrift store, $4 in hand and look for a glass storage jar 🙂

  6. I tweeted! And I already follow you. And I would buy a red velvet latte from Hubbard & Cravens. I can’t help myself. 😉

  7. $4…I would like a seasonal flavored decaf coffee at the moment, pumpkin spice or something like that.

  8. With $4, I would only be able to afford half of what I want, but it would for sure be a Philly Cheesesteak from my favorite guy at the Farmer’s Market. Oh, it’s lunchtime, isn’t it? Hmm…. Half a cheesesteak, here I come!

  9. Actually, I had $5 burning a hole in my pocket this afternoon so I stopped by The Salvation Army. I bought a set of vintage aluminum numbers & letters (deadstock) for use in craft projects and the most adorable pair of needlepoint Zalo flats. 🙂

    Thank you for offering such a fun giveaway!

  10. You are so awesome. Hmm … $4. Funny, I don’t even have $4 to my name right now. Blew through my allowance already this month. I’d treat myself to a chai tea latte. It’s one of those things I just can’t seem to perfect at home.

  11. If I had $4, I’d buy some knee-patches for my 6 year old son’s jeans. I don’t think there’s a pair in his closet without at least one hole–more likely two!

  12. If I had $4 burning a hole in my pocket, I’d probably buy a knitting pattern or a clearance skein of yarn. Or maybe some tea leaves, for this great strainer. 🙂

  13. Well, if I had $4.00 burning a hole in my pocket I would go to Ollie’s and buy a book. Not because I need one (I have shelves of perfectly good books I haven’t read yet) but because I love spending hours among books, looking for that one that will make me say, “I love this book!” and recommend it to all my friends.

  14. Dang, this is possibly one of my favorite top five posts ever. Maybe top four.

    For $4, I would definitely get a coffee and treat you to one as well. Because I’m totally not above bribing my way to that awesome yellow tea strainer.

    P.S. Next time we get together, I need to tell you my Angelo’s story.

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