Spring is gaining a reputation of feeling crazed (I’m realizing as I type the only season now left un-modified by this adjective is summer — which I will now be guarding with the steely tip of a blacked-out google calendar).  I don’t know if it’s the fact that we come out of the slumber of January, or the sick bed (in our house) of February — but by the time March hits, I’m dropped on a treadmill that’s already tracking at a 9-minute pace, and I don’t even have my shoes tied.

We have two family birthdays in early March, and then there’s spring break, and of course Easter. It all converges into a stream of seeming non-stop activity — which can leave this introvert a bit frazzled, even when most of what we do is counted as “fun.”

I’ve been doing a little extra work, too — taking on my first freelance design job in a couple years, and also doing some (paid!! I’m getting paid!! with real money!!) writing for NUVO, the alternative news weekly in Indianapolis. I’ll be contributing with some regularity, about foodish things. This week my story is all about food-swapping, with an interview with Kate Payne (she’s returning to Indy next week to party with the Indy Food Swappers — check the schedule for an event near you!)

A little cherry atop the sundae of spring hullabaloo was last Friday, when our kitchen reno (yes, the one I covered in painstaking detail, right here, in four posts) was featured on The Kitchn and Apartment Therapy websites. Because, you know, those sites are pretty much the epitome of cool. I *might* have squealed like a 14-year old when I saw the feature.

Meantime, I continue to cook, because as much as it still surprises me, my family keeps getting hungry. I’ve been getting more and more accustomed to my grain-free, sugar-free diet — having been on it now full-force for over 3 months. One thing that I’ve missed the most is chocolate — it’s not allowed, not even dark chocolate, because it contains sugar. I can have cocoa powder, but have discovered that that ingredient alone is not able to give the punch that you get from a good piece of chocolate.

Thankfully, I’ve come across a new chocolate treat that is GAPS-friendly (a secret ingredient gives the cocoa powder that extra boost it needs — full-post and recipe coming Monday!), and able to get me through to the day, sometime this year or next, that I can once again have an occasional piece of chocolate.

Or, at the very least, get me through this hectic spring, to the promising open calendar of summer.


4 thoughts on “Goings-on

  1. Please tell me you are joking about the “sometime this year or next” part of when you might be able to have an occasional piece of chocolate. Please. I am not sure how you are able to maintain this diet; you must have an iron will. I don’t think I could do any diet that forced me to cut out chocolate so completely. Just the thought of that is making tears well up in my eyes and my bottom lip quiver. My mind is getting panicky and I feel an overwhelming urge to quick get a bite of chocolate to calm my involuntary biological and psychological responses to such stimuli. I admire your iron will, though. 🙂

    1. Okay, okay. I confess to having a bite of chocolate about every other week or so, in moments of extreme weakness. It’s not that I don’t want it more often, but I have a little armory of emergency treats I go to when the moment hits (including this new candy-bar-like confection, which is truly becoming a danger in an of itself).

      The willpower only comes from the desire to get this over with as soon as possible. The more I stay away from illegal foods, the faster my body will heal, the quicker I can re-introduce foods like good dark chocolate.

      The prize! Keeping my eyes on the prize!

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