On regrets

I could have ridden a watusi today.

I don’t know what stopped me. Maybe it was the massive horns. Maybe the way the watusi looked at my shyly, almost sweetly, and I just couldn’t imagine putting her out that way.

Actually — no, I know exactly what it was. It was my mom-ness, my holding-things-together-ness. It was my needing-to-know-what’s-next-ness. My awkward-ness.

It was fearful-ness.

Fearful of what? you might rightly wonder.

I have no idea. is my unacceptable answer.

All of this bucket-list-mucking (confession: I don’t really have a bucket list to muck — perhaps this will spawn an all-out intervention?) happened at a place called Bison World, north of Indianapolis. You can read all the details of my visit in next week’s NUVO — but in short, it’s a farm that raises grass-fed bison (and other “pets,” such as the ride-worthy watusi — not the one pictured above), and sells the meat locally, or anywhere else in the world. The farm was beautiful, the bison majestic, in that dusty, fly-covered sort of way.

We grilled bison burgers tonight, and their praises were sung far and wide. Much more tender, much less gamey than I expected. There’s a future for ground bison in our deep freezer, even if my golden opportunity for watusi-riding is now firmly in the past.

There’s a life lesson in here somewhere.

Oh, right: grab the bull by the horns.



12 thoughts on “On regrets

  1. obviously, the real lesson here is to take ME on all your future adventures. I would have never let you pass this UP. I mean, think of the fodder. ALWAYS THINK OF THE FODDER, KATY@!

  2. I regret that you drove all the way up to my neck of the woods and didn’t call me! Go again, pick me up, and I’ll take a complimentary watusi-riding photo.

    And why did I always think the watusi was a dance, not an animal?

    1. It was *only* because I was on a time crunch, as my youngest was in the last-minute care of one generous Mrs. Partain. Else I totally would have been meeting you for coffee (or, having you convince me to get on that cow and ride like the wind).

      And… right you are. If you wikipedia watusi, the dance comes up before the cow.

  3. I say you should have danced with the Watusi but then you are far too young to have remembered Chubby Checkers heyday and the Watusi dance craze!

    Colorado has a fair number of buffalo (seems appropriate huh?) and the place with the widest selection? Costco. Yep…and gladly so. Not many years ago it was only available from select vendors at farmer’s type markets and priced so high it was more of a luxury item. It’s surprisingly not what I expected; none of that gamey quality we associate with game meat. Lower in fat than beef too…now that’s something to dance to!

    1. Barbara, I haven’t checked Costco to see their prices — the farm here sells ground bison for about $9.75/lb, which is twice the price of grassfed ground beef. Definitely a more luxury price — and I’m guessing more than Costco.

      But for folks who’ve been told to eat bison or skip red meat, they might be willing to pay?

      And we, too, expected gamey-ness that wasn’t there. They were really good burgers!

      1. It may be that it’s available at our Costco because it’s from Colorado but I haven’t checked. Always worth asking at your local store; they have a suggestion box that I’ve used and have actually seen some products appear or re-appear after asking (begging) them.

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