Chicken scratches

It’s been one of those weeks. Between the unbelievable heat wave and drought we’re having in Indiana (and I know we’re not alone), kids (ahem… and a Mom) who are at the end of their summertime rope, and the unexpected chaos that life throws at you sometimes, I’m ready to announce that the month of July can stick it.

Except there have been some bright spots of intense, broad-spectrum UVA sunshine. A couple of fun moments in the past days:


I plan to write much more about this, and include all the back-story about Tim building our coop, and acquiring the chickens, and their appropriately bizarre names, and the fact that Tim thinks they’re dumb (as if he expected otherwise). But the best part by far is the fact that we’re already getting eggs — the pic above was our very first one, before we had even touched it. Isn’t it beautiful? I couldn’t believe how big and perfect it was. Not a spot on it. Like a pristine little gift from who knows which chicken.

I’m eating eggs everyday, from my backyard! This brings me much joy.

I’ve also gotten to spend a few hours at a new bakery in town, called Amelia’s. I’m working on my next story for NUVO, and am beside myself with excitement over this one. For our three years in Indianapolis, we’ve never had a good artisanal bakery — but Amelia’s is changing this. It’s a commercial bakery, so they’ll mainly be supplying local restaurants — but you’ll be able to buy their naturally-yeasted breads through their next-door restaurant, Bluebeard, as well as several other local markets in town. If you’re local, look for the story in next week’s issue (edited: whoops, looks like it won’t run until October).

Meantime, we’ll just be here waiting for a seemingly endless summer to break, dumping buckets full of ice into the chicken coop, continuing to be surprised by the fact that chickens really will eat anything, counting my lucky stars that we have air-conditioning. Less than a week, right?


4 thoughts on “Chicken scratches

  1. We had drought last year. The last 3 weeks we have had rain galore! My St Augustine grass is so thick the dog gets lost in it. I do hope you guys get some relief as we certainly know what it is like.

  2. I am over-the-moon excited for this bakery. You know it’s been too long since you’ve lived in a town with a good artisanal bakery (oh Provence in Nashville, how I miss you) when you start thinking the bread from the Target bakery is to die for.

    Sorry it’s been such a rough month. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or get some chickens to make you some eggs. Something like that.

  3. Chickens are dumb? Who knew?! Seriously, I was under the impressions that your husband grew up kind of in the country. I gotta tell ya, I don’t like chickens. My grandfather had a particularly mean one. Lifelong scars and all. Oh and the time I got flogged by one trying to retrieve the eggs when I was about 8. I’m sure yours are completely lovely and civil. These were deepest dark depths of Appalachia kind of chickens. Not your high class Indianapolis bred. Really, all I wanted to say was that your exhortation to July made me laugh a good belly laugh, and I needed that today. Thanks. Now I have to go back to watching the Olympics. I think someone needs to do an article about how to be an Olympic athlete, NBC needs to be able to do an overcoming the odds segment about you.

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