Tomato-corn pie with grain-free crust

A thing I’ve had to truly mourn this year: Tomato Pie.

It’s like summer in a pie plate. Like someone sat down one day and wondered, How can I fit all of summer into this pie dish? And that is what was born. Garden tomatoes, basil, and really good cheese baked into a delicate pie crust.

However, sadly… there is no tomato pie for the grain-free. And while I hear that really good pie crusts can be made gluten-free, grain-free is an impossibility.

But I refuse to be doomed to a life without my own pie plate full of summer. Just had to think outside the box a bit.

I’ve long heard praises sung for this recipe for a Corn-Tomato Pie over at Smitten Kitchen. And while I still don’t believe it’s as good as the pure unadulterated tomato-ness of my classic, it’s still a darned good pie. A bit richer, with its lemony-mayo and layers of summer corn. And as luck would have it — very adaptable to a grain-free crust.

This pie was loved by all but two of my three children. Which in our household means a winner. I’ll be making it again, likely long after I’ve re-embraced grains in my life. It will just be added as a distant cousin to the first and favorite savory summer pie in my repertoire.

If you are still among the grain-consumptive, definitely check out the original recipe (I’ve made very minor changes to the filling in the version below), which utilizes a double-classic pie crust. Otherwise, there’s still time in these weeks before September 22nd for the grain-less among us to get our fill of sunshine on a plate.


5 thoughts on “Tomato-corn pie with grain-free crust

  1. Looks amazing… we came back with a dozen ears of corn from my father-in-law’s farm this weekend, and now I know where they’re going!

  2. Ooo, this looks delicious! I love tomato pie! We’ve been making our own almond flour by blending our own almonds — it works well (I assume you’ve done so?).

  3. I am baking this right now with 2 changes. I used 1 cup corn meal and 1 cup flour instead of the almond flour. I also substituted 2 T olive oil for the butter. It needed more moisture, so I added 1 or 2 T evaporated milk. I pressed the crust into the pie plate. I also substituted balsamic vinegar for the lemon juice. I’ll let you know how it turns out, but it smells great!

    Oh yeah! I used red tomatoes for the bottom layer and yellow for the top! I’ll try to get a photo (assuming my changes all work out!).

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