Giveaway: The Art of Fermentation

Last week, I promised an exciting giveaway was in the hopper. And tell me — do I deliver, or what?

I would enter this giveaway, if I could.

The winner, who unfortunately cannot be me (did I say that already?), will receive a beautiful, brand-spanking-new copy of The Art of Fermentation, by Sandor Katz.

This is the bible of fermentation, friends. This summer I borrowed a copy from Suzanne, just long enough to read up on my beloved half-sour pickles, but returned it before she could hold it against me in our friendship and also before I could read it cover-to-cover (and yes, I would totally do that, on a Friday night — because that’s how exciting or shockingly anti-social my life is, depending on your age and personal obsession level with fermentation).

If you have any interest in making/understanding fermented foods — everything from cultured veggies to kombucha to yogurt to tempeh — seriously, I think he covers EVERY. THING. — then you want this book.

The only caveat is that, if you win, you have to let me borrow it.

(ok, not really — just if you live in Indianapolis)

No, really, I’m totally lying. You don’t have to ever show it to me, you just have to let me call you with all of my fermenting questions.

Enough, seriously — you really don’t have to do anything. Except fill out the form below (for real this time).

I’m rooting for YOU.

To enter this giveaway, simply fill out and submit the following form before Friday, September 21, at noon EST. The information goes directly to Chelsea Green Publishing, and you will automatically be added to their e-newsletter list (unsubscribe any time). One entry per person; the winner will be selected at random by the publisher, notified via email, and the book will be shipped directly from Chelsea Green.

[This giveaway is now closed : ( ]


I am super-grateful to the folks at Chelsea Green Publishing for agreeing to and facilitating this giveaway. I’ve received nothing in exchange for hosting, just the burning jealousy joy I’ll feel for the lucky reader that wins! Also, Kaitlin — you rock!

16 thoughts on “Giveaway: The Art of Fermentation

  1. I would love love to own this book!! When I click on submit it goes to an error message that says “sorry page not found’ or something like that. šŸ˜¦

      1. Yup, i just tried it again. it says says ” Sorry, the page you’ve requested was not found.” if you try to fill out the thing from an email reader, and “This webpage is not available
        The connection to was interrupted.” if you submit it through your website. Funnily enough if you do not fill out the form and hit submit it send you to a page that informs you left things blank.

      2. Ok, could you do me a favor and re-load the page, and try again? I’m wondering if your browser cache is saving the old code. Reason being, I can test-enter, and another friend just tried and she could enter. But obviously if it’s a fresh load & not working for you, something is still amiss!

      3. Last time was from the first load of the page. i had first tried before on my ipod touch, but as requested, i just tried from a completely different web browser and got an error message saying the connection was lost. What is it supposed to look like when the submission goes through?

      4. Oh, so sad (this in response to your last comment, not this one). It should just go to my homepage. You’re not the only one receiving the error message — so something’s definitely amiss.
        And I am tech-challenged. Grrrrr.

  2. I just tried to enter and I got an error message, too. I don’t remember what it said. I should be better at remembering things, but it’s early and I’m tired. But, I’ll tell you this, if I win, you can totally borrow my copy šŸ™‚

    1. OK, I tried again because I am stubborn and it took me straight to your homepage without an error message. I’m guessing that means it went through?

  3. Well, did I discover your blog on the right day, or what? I’d love to be entered for the book, and the form worked great. I actually keep getting “Wild Fermentation” from our library and feel guilty for getting food blobs all over it :-). Found your blog because we’re about to install Numerar countertops and after way too much time spent researching finishes, I decided on Spoon Oil (due to the nut allergy crossover with anything involving Tung Oil), and you have the fab recipe, thanks so much! I TOTALLY sympathize with your “before” – we lived in an apartment temporarily that had a wall behind the sink and I kept waiting for Dante to show up, take notes, and create a very effective new level . . .

    1. Kimberly — that’s hilarious, how you found me. The spoon oil works great, you just have to remember to actually use it every once in a while (I think I last applied it 6 months ago — and really, my counter looks fine, but still, I’m sure it’d be even better if I gave it more TLC). We still love our Numerar — I’ve even sanded some unfortunate (child-induced) afflictions, with no lasting scars.

      Speaking of library books, I now have copies of FOOD IN JARS & CANNING FOR A NEW GENERATION from our library, and am honestly concerned about the state they will be in when I return them. I’ve taken to laying plastic wrap over-top when I’ve got them in the kitchen!

      Thanks for commenting ; )

  4. Water and dairy keffir, yogurt, and dilly carrots done tonight. Tomorrow night is sour cream, another batch of sauerkraut, and some beets. Now that fall is upon us, I’m back to soup for lunch and I’m craving my spoonful of fermented beets and homemade sour cream with my yummy beef broth! šŸ™‚

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