Stand still long enough, and I may pickle you, too.

But only if you’re pink, and bear strong resemblance to some sort of root vegetable.

I believe I’ve covered my previous pickling fetishes: red onions and radishes. Why not invite a beet to the party?

Goodness me, these might be my favorite. I can’t get enough — heaping mountains atop my daily green salad, quickly stir-frying with kale and topping with an over-easy egg, or even snacking straight from the jar (you would definitely catch me red-handed).

This new jar of vinegarized crunchiness was born from a plethora of beets in our CSA boxes of late. Since cooked beets aren’t the most popular item on my menu, and I was bored of slicing them raw on my salad, I decided to quickly (yes! quickly!) pickle a jar.

How have I not done this before? As easy as my other pickling adventures, Martha tells me they will only last a couple weeks in the fridge (really?) but I don’t think they’ll make it that long.

Sweet and tart, without the harshness of the red onion or kick of the radish. I am actually salivating right now, just thinking about them. It might be time for a late-night snack.

While I partake, I’ll point you to the recipe here. I used a combo of cider and rice vinegars, omitted the pepper (hence the lack of heat), and used a dried bay leaf, doubling the recipe with ease. If you don’t have a really good, sharp chef’s knife, then get one (a cheap and decent one is here)– it makes cutting thin slices of raw beet easy enough so you don’t have to curse my name for getting you into this mess.

Pickled! Beets!

5 thoughts on “Stand still long enough, and I may pickle you, too.

  1. I have copious amounts of cucumbers with your name on them. And the lamb, they are still happily roaming the pasture due to an unexpected recent move from my sister-in-law. I’ll email you…

    1. That’s what’s funny. I don’t really like pickles (as in, pickled cucumbers). Rather, I’ve never really enjoyed jarred ones (storebought or the few homemade ones I’ve tried).

      Maybe if their pickling liquid was less spiced, more vinegary. Worth a shot.

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